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    Hello @ UkF , we have been talking about your case and we have reached a decision, your ban will be changed to mute within the server for 1 week. We strongly ask you that for the next reports try to send us more captures and also the date and time of what happened to put them read in the logs and give a correct sanction to both parties. Any other questions? Contact us at Discord: Hozwks#0033
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    The banning decision was practically made by the community, since there were reports of toxicity or uncomfortable situations for which they feel upset. It really is a shame to have to reach these measures, it is not what Talca Racing wants for the players. This is not a permanent ban as you can opt to make an unban request, which will go to a vote. @ UkF
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    TALCA RACING VS ZEITGEIST • Clan War Information: Date & Time: 16/01/2022(20:00 CET) Type: Deathmatch Server: TBA Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Players: 5 vs 5 Talca Racing Players: DarkRay Chryxz Pazh Astro Lukas Reserves: The rest of the clan Maps: Budya v8 - Quelle surprise Abody V4 - Dark Glare Fancy V10 - The shrine of Azura Packy ft ReazZon ft AnUs - Across the hills giampa ft tonyX - Lost world ZEITGEIST Players: MJT Srk 13 Beatz SlighT Reserves: The rest of the clan Maps: Banshee v27 - Coastal Tour Goku - Imaginazhon Snake v9 - Detrimental Depth Swifty ft. AnUs ft. TONY - Celestial Reach BriaN ft SazukE ft Snake ft CresheZ - dark saints Talca Racing Rules: General Rules: The clan with last surviving player gets the point. In case of a draw, each clan picks one map. Mods that affect gameplay are prohibited. In case of insulting, swearing and provoking, participant will be muted and possibly eliminated without the possibility of replacing him. If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map. If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further. If someone lags too much, referee may request reserve player to play instead. DeathMatch Rules: In case of camping and/or shortcutting, participant will be blown up; if he keeps doing shortcuts or camps, he may be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him, only after referee directly warns him about that If no one has reached the hunter, the clan with the player that got furthest gets the point. If both of each clan reached the same place and no one else got further, we redo the current map. In case of map time runs out during the hunter fight, we set a hunter map. Skipping vehiclechange pickups is not allowed. Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed. Releasing the nos late is allowed. Driving backward parts forward is allowed. Driving roof parts forward is allowed. Doing the fast jump as much as you don't cut a big part is allowed. Backshooting while reaching hunter is not allowed. Shooting cars is allowed. Spraying cars is not allowed. Backshooting is allowed. Spraying is not allowed. FPS: minimum of 36. If your FPS suddenly goes down/ping suddenly goes up randomly and it has some pattern (fraps users, ping increasing tricks), you will get disqualificated. Ping: maximum of 300 - can be higher only if stable. People that get bad ping during the match can get a maximum of 3 warnings. After recieving 3 warns that person isn't able to play that match anymore. The reason why we added this rule is people can abuse to let that person drive the map and replace them during the hunter fight. Hunter Rules: A team with the last surviving player gets the point. Hunter fight is started by a countdown started by referee. No backshooting allowed in the meantime. Spraying is not allowed. Destroying vehicles with hunter is allowed. Destroying vehicles before the countdown is not allowed. Killing hunters which are stuck by decorations is not allowed. In case someone dies due to being stuck in the decorations we're restarting the fight on a hunter map. In case of map limit, the hunter fight will be restarted 2 times after that we will carry on in a closed hunter map. In case there's hunter fight with less than 3 player per team, we're moving on a closed hunter map. Free Rounds: Any clan can ask a Free round but not later than 5 seconds otherwise you are to late, about the amount of free maps every clan has max 5 free rounds to do after that the referee can refuse your free or you can have a good reason and the round will be free. People that have bad ping during a round wont affect your free rounds, we will wait around 5-10 minutes otherwise you have to replace him. You cant replace him with someone that played the same round! Asking for a free when the round just started is allowed if you ask it after 5 seconds then the referee is able to decline your free request or the referee will ask the other clan if they agree to still make the round free.
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    1. Nickname / Location / Personal info My name is Dave know as "ParadoX / Itachi" and I am 22 years old, I lived in Philippines. 2. Previous Clans Talca Racing - Ex Member AntiMatter - Left 3. Your MTA career I been playing this game since 2021, my career in this game is like a unfinish story, because I'm still on the progress that learning more about the game and keep improving to my skills. I start playing in OS (old school) and time to time I'm start playing DM (regular) maps to be better. 4. Why do you think that Talca Racing is the best place for you? Talca Racing? I will start by saying, I am ex member of Talca Family. This family is very active and very accommodating. I will said it this is the best place for me because all members will treat you nicely and gives you positive vibes, for me this is more than a family, you will enjoyed and motivated playing this game because of them. 5. Contact Discord: ParadoX#7965
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    Are you sure you want to start with screenshots? Because I can log the server and see the amount of insults and disrespect you say to the players. But I think that for you that is nothing, therefore I close this post. Think about your actions and decisions
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    @ TR|Knario for real everyone of talca provoke me insult no one did anything about my reports about darkray explo abusing insulting no one did anything when i say something i got ban if say the truth ? chryxz everytime insulted provocked dont even one admin did anything "toxic" this guy started to provoke me i just respond him i never see one admin doing something to make it better for rly. i have another prints if you want ^^ i'm not the only toxic in this serve everyone from 90 provoke insult too no one did anything the community of talca its toxic too if you ban one you need ban others too ;/
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    I only have one question and in this post I am going to answer it. was this necessary? absolutely not. Have a nice day ^^
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