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  1. We are pleased to announce the following modifications to our member roster. Members update - November 12th, 2021 Promoted : @ TR|Skaarj ( Graphic designer) @ TR|zebra (Graphic designer) @ TR|AndresTVz (Head of Developers) @ TR|Lukas (Member) @ TR|Albertox (Member) @ TR|Money (Member) Leave : @ Pazh @ WaRRiO @ Nymphomano We regret the departure of @Pazh, @Warrio, @Nynphomano, we wish them the best in their next teams, we love them ❤️
  2. Hugao estamos conversando tu ban, te aviso cualquier novedad.
  3. Thanks for u input ❤️
  4. Mi humilde calidad manitos, y de pasa probando los cambios del servidor. Adioh cuidense el ano :x ❤️
  5. Knario

    Natos Join Request

    Good luck bro ! 😄
  6. Tremendo, muchas gracias por el script papu, espero ver esos mapas con el nuevo logo e_e
  7. Tremendos cambios ! , Stonks para talca racing y la comunidad ❤️
  8. Hello community, I am pleased to present our new logo, in order to find something simpler, with a minimalist design but without losing the aggressive and persevering style that represents us! : D Many thanks to @ TR|zebra for helping us in the creation and design. Says goodbye, [Talca] KnariO
  9. Hello @everyone On this day October 21th, 2021, we are glad to announce that the following Trials have been promoted to Members: @ TR|RebelC (Member) @ TR|Aliomar (Member) Congratulations on your promotion and keep it up!
  10. We are pleased to announce the following modifications to our member roster. Members update - September 26th, 2021 Arrivals: @ TR|Skaarj (Trial) @ TR|zebra (Trial) @ TR|AndresTVz (Trial) @ TR|Nymphomano (Trial) @ TR|Lukas (Trial) @ TR|Albertox (Trial) @ TR|Money (Trial)
  11. Naa un genio ! , gracias por compartir estos tutoriales bro. +10 y a fav xd
  12. If you are reading this post then you probably want to be one of us. If that is the case, then you need to remember that everyone can be a part of "TALCA RACING ",you just need to prove that you are worthy! Primarily we are searching for loyal and active members that can elevate our team, not only with their skills, but also by exhibiting appropriate behaviors inside and outside of the game, an indicator of a great personality. Every additional skill you may have can increase your chances of joining us, so please don't forget to mention them. Good luck! Thread title should be as follows: "Your nickname's" Join Request 1. Nickname / Location / Personal info 2. Previous Clans 3. Your MTA career 4. Why do you think that Talca Racing is the best place for you? 5. Contact 6. Something to add(optional) Join Request state: OPENED.
  13. Hello community, we want to present the new Talca Racing 3.0 forum, why is this change? Lately, the forum had problems at the code level. So we had to start over from scratch, before hand we apologize for losing the information from the previous forum. What will happen to my user account? Your account is secure, you can re-enter with your usual data. In case the forum informs you of an error when entering, you can contact us through "Discord" https://discord.gg/rCtR46AZ9T where you will be given a solution as soon as possible. Says goodbye, [Talca] KnariO
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