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  1. @ Steve^ eso ya no es problema del servidor, algun archivo o modificacion que tu puedas tener o el juego esga haciendo que se detenga.
  2. Buenas @ Steve^ , lamentamos tu problema, debido a que se realizaron unos ajustes el servidor ahira es completamente compatible con ultrathing. Por el momento no se a trabajado, no se a probado con ENB Series ya que es un recurso que no es mayormente utilizado, pero muchas gracias por plantear su problema para poder trabajar en mejorar la compatibilidad. Y respondiendo a su pregunta usted puede utilizar la ultima version de Ultrathing y obtener sus reflejos.
  3. Well, first of all I introduce myself, I am Andrés and I will be part of the server development team, in these last weeks we have been working on some updates that were finished today at dawn. GARAGE First of all, thank our member @ TR|Skaarj , who donated a new garage for our server, which is completely beautiful. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 One of the biggest changes and at the same time more complicated, were the parts of the body, since there were several problems in the edition of the previous ones, this was created from the original infernus, textured and mapped "completely again", due to this the Stickers , suffered the change, since these due to the new configuration were changed position. therefore the infernus will have to edit them again. also fully functional with Ultrathing. The next big change, exclusive to our donors, is that all overlays are modifiable as long as a function or calculation is repeated and the quantity is multiplied. Example: repeat 2 times (**) and repeat 3 times (**)(**)(**)🥴MuitoEZ The camera function was also added, so you can take everything off the screen and take your beautiful shots of your infernus. TOPTIMES Another important change is that a new column was added where the time difference you have will be placed. also one of the functions most requested by the community, is to be able to change the name of your own top. Thanks to this, the /renametoptime command was added. This is what it does is directly rename the toptime for your current nickname. ARENAS Also added to the Deathmatch Alpha arena, the option to buy maps with the /bm command. The rewind of the arena training was also repaired. Scoreboard Also added a ( win/death ) to the Deathmatch arena so that everyone can improve their "WD" and be the best, this will be reflected in the scoreboard. obviously also added a "KD" (kill / death) for those who like competition in hunter. Well this is a large part of the updates that were made, and that will continue to be made over time, I would also like to thank everyone for their support and I would like to invite you to take advantage of this post and leave your ideas for future updates of our great server. ( Yes, we may have a new version of Talca Racing ). All ideas are welcome, all will be noted and analyzed. "Let's be part of this great process and remodeling of our server" Thank you so much Development team
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2GQJC7Urh0&lc=UgwhT_hxRPrYO2BdNod4AaABAg
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