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  1. And i started joking about your map because you said in that interview video that you got inspiration from your grandfather to make the nyctophobia map when in fact the map is a cheap copy of nX_ v17.😂
  2. Yes exactly, i have no idea why i was banned because in the screenshot i posted there is really no reason (I don't know if you saw this). And if I'm going back with the same behavior as before, that's not your problem, it's the staff's problem, and as far as I know I don't have to apologize to anyone because there's no reason I'm banned (as you can see on the printscreen I posted above). And i was really toxic but just the ones who deserved it i don't go insulting people there is a whole context of why i was insulting people on the server. About the "harass" i did to you i was just being the same as i am with the other latin players, all latin people i know in this game i always got along with them and only you were the ones who got so cool thinking that I was insulting you, you have to leave your ego aside and take things more lightly because this is just a car game that ramps up. You said that i created youtube accounts just to do trashtalk, it seems even a little schizophrenic of you to say that without having proof, because i don't know if you know me if i have to say what i think of someone I don't need to create a youtube account impersonating something to say what I think about the person. Before i even liked to play your maps but after i met the person you are i feel disgusted by your maps now.
  3. La administración me prohibió sin ningún motivo y quiero que me desban para poder iniciar sesión nuevamente SERIAL : 9ED017D1B7888328783E9F9770B29D02
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