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  1. 1. Nickname / Location / Personal info My name is Dave know as "ParadoX / Itachi" and I am 22 years old, I lived in Philippines. 2. Previous Clans Talca Racing - Ex Member AntiMatter - Left 3. Your MTA career I been playing this game since 2021, my career in this game is like a unfinish story, because I'm still on the progress that learning more about the game and keep improving to my skills. I start playing in OS (old school) and time to time I'm start playing DM (regular) maps to be better. 4. Why do you think that Talca Racing is the best place for you? Talca Racing? I will start by saying, I am ex member of Talca Family. This family is very active and very accommodating. I will said it this is the best place for me because all members will treat you nicely and gives you positive vibes, for me this is more than a family, you will enjoyed and motivated playing this game because of them. 5. Contact Discord: ParadoX#7965
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