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1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

Hello, Let me start, my real name is Nelson Vinicius, I am 23 years old (28/09/1998) and I live in Reserva Parana, Brazil

2. Previous Clans

2012, UnG//UnitGames, Member, Left/Closed
2015, SoR!Squad of Revolution, Co-leader, Closed
2017, PiA|Pro's In Action, Team Manager, Left/Retired
2017 [FoXX]Force Out Xtreme, Team manager, Left
2018, xN|Nitrous Racing, Trial, Left
2017-2019, UP|Unlimited Power, Founder, Left/Closed
2019, |-nTL-|Nothing to lose, Member, Closed
2019, xz'Zeitgeist, Member, Left
2020, M#Mythicals, Member, Left
2020, R#Ravens, Member, Closed
2021, /TfF\The Favoured Few, Member, Left
2021, 90'Ninety's, Events Manager, Left

3. Your MTA career

Well, for me everything started back in 2009/2010 when I got my first computer and I got to known MTA:San Andreas. Like everyone I started playing in Freeroam servers before I looked for other modes, in 2011 I saw one server called UGC (UnitGames clan). This was my first time in Race Deathmath in MTA. My first reaction was ''WTF?'' because this mode isn't normal for who knows just GTA SA. Well. I really was a ''nolifer'' not because skills, but my time in this game. The result of this, was that I tried to join UGC or UnG (they changed the tag) but I failed, probably because imaturity or skills. Months later, I joined in my first clan in MTA , called aF//(Awesome forces). The clan leader was DarK and AlieN, I don't remember it right, in this clan I got some decent experience and skills, and I was motived to play MTA. Early 2012 this clan closed, and I got invited for UnG//, yes, the clan that I tried to join at first. I had some awesome times here, with a friendly team and good server. In 2014 -sK-(Skilled gaming) merged with UnitGames, it became a stronger team, and we had some of the better players of MTA. Our clan wars were  amazing with some awesome victories. It was a dream, because one month after it, one of the leaders (Hellknight) left the clan, and it started the leaving chain and down spiral of the clan. In 2015 I left UnitGames because inactivity of everyone. In this time I wanted to stay without a clan, but I couldn't, and I got invited to FRS (Furious), mostly brasilian guys and friends. I accepted the invite, but I only stayed in this clan for 2 months because inactivity of my part. In 2016 I made my second apply in my ''career'' for SoR!(Squad of revolution), and got declined because I was unfamous or something like this. But fortunately I got invited two weeks after the decline. When I joined I wasnt preparared for what was going to happen. It was really my first time in MTA, with a awesome team, and I was making everything to see SoR! in the top, result of this, I was promoted to Co-Leader. I was not experienced in leading but I really tried to do my best. We opened our server DM/HUNTER, and we had one surprise with 60 players in the inauguration, and everyday with 30/40 players. It was one awesome time for us, but sadly our community had a bad side, and in one week we had ddos attacks, and our host wasn't prepared for it. Well, months ago, we started the decadence, not because the server, but problems with the team, some guys left us and others got inactive, losing clan wars, and much much other reasons which caused Sharpix to close the clan in 2016. For me  it wasn't the right thing, but sadly it closed. Unmotivated with MTA, I made JR to PiA|(Pros in Action) and unbelievably I got accepted. In PiA I had a good time, like in SoR! I was doing my best for the community, and I got promoted to Team Manager. But months after this, I started with college, my first thoughts were to live in another city to do Mechanical Engineering, and I was motivated to do it. I left PiA to focus on it and try to go back another time, but my plans failed. Yes, I'm doing college, but I go to this city everyday for college, which sadly is 2 hours to get there, and also 2 hours back home. Anyway I'm really grateful for my opportunity in PiA. While inactive I got invited to [FoXX](Force out Xtreme), basically a friendly clan. I joined and had some awesome and some bad times in FoXX playing two clan wars and fortunately winning both, and helping the clan. Because of my inactivity and some personal problems I decided to leave it. 2017 started and i was decided to open my own team, i was really happy for leading a team, it was great for some months, we won important wars against big clans but sadly i failed with the clan two times, basically same reason, everyone lose the interest on this game, and i get sad for being alone.

4. Why do you think that Talca Racing is the best place for you?

Cuz almost 100% of latinos gustam mucho gostoso de pica, and the atmosphere is great

5. Contact


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