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Skaarj ft. Zebra - Sinagogue Souls II

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Sinagogue Souls 1 was released on August 3rd, 2014. And it's been a hell of a long time of people asking if a sequel was ever gonna come out... Actually the development of a sequel started fairly shortly after the release of the first map, we even invited plenty of mappers to these unfinished projects, but as time went on and many irl constraints or general interest in the map started to fade away as the years went on. Anyhoo, 7 years later here it is at long last, we've poured countless hours of pre-planning, deleting and recreating map parts and overall plenty of effort into it. We simply hope with our best wishes, that it resembles the sequel you were hoping for, so you be the final judge. 


Huge thanks to Gerc for coming back to recording only for this special opportunity.


Also thanks to Rhae for helping with map feedback, song suggestions and many other things, you rock ma man!


Map will be playable on Lumiverse and Talca Racing btw : )

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