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Tibao's Join Request

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Trial member

I appreciate the opportunity of a jr, Talca Racing team.


 Nickname / Location / Personal info


My name is Juan Bautista alias TiBAO (artist, and gaming name). i have 21 years old. im from Argentina.


Previous Clan


I've been playing DM for 10 years. I never trained to be a pro, because if I keep playing this game, it is for sheer fun.

Throughout time, I have been part of clans like iSG! (old clan). and SKC.

in SKC i haved played almost 5 years on the server and being ranked in Followers one year. and i leaved.. I got out of the way because I didn't agree with their policies.

after that, i've played in FoXX for one complete year, and the same reasons, i leaved because the server died.

Now im playing here, in Talca Racing, since five or six months.


Why do you think that Talca Racing is the best place for you?


It caught my attention after so many years to see a Latin community as active as the one at Talca Racing. most of the players from the past that I have crossed paths with again years later, it was a very nice feeling and it motivated me to stay and continue enjoying the server. is an active and lively servant. that is why I think it is my turn to contribute something, just as it contributed something to me.


What do I want to achieve with Talca Racing?


my idea is to contribute in the sound section. I'm good at producing FX, Soundtracks, songs, etc. also in video editing.

I can contribute to the creation of sound effects for future TR server updates, as well as creating soundtrack designs for example: while you are tuning in the garage, or in the last seconds of finishing the time of a map.

Examples to say, of things that can be achieved and make a difference if I manage to enter the clan.

the rest we can chat.

This wasn't a large JR. but isn't the idea. just i want inform you about my experience and what i can give to Talca Racing.


I put here a link with my personal projects so that you can appreciate the level of quality that I achieve.




Discord: tibao#6801

Instagram: prod.tibao


Thank you very much Talca Racing, I await your response.




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