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Join Request Format [OPENED]

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If you are reading this post then you probably want to be one of us. If that is the case, then you need to remember that everyone can be a part of  "TALCA RACING ",you just need to prove that you are worthy! Primarily we are searching for loyal and active members that can elevate our team, not only with their skills, but also by exhibiting appropriate behaviors inside and outside of the game, an indicator of a great personality. Every additional skill you may have can increase your chances of joining us, so please don't forget to mention them. Good luck!

Thread title should be as follows: "Your nickname's" Join Request


1. Nickname / Location / Personal info

2. Previous Clans

3. Your MTA career

4. Why do you think that Talca Racing is the best place for you?

5. Contact

6. Something to add(optional)


Join Request state: OPENED.

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