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sancho's Join Request


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Tell us about yourself: (name, Nickname, age, current location)

My name is Mohsen , I am 18 years old , my gaming nickname is Sancho , I live in Saudi Arabia , Abha City

Brief history on your MTA career: (Story of your career in MTA)

i started playing MTA in 2011 in arab servers , not like many others at that time but i loved DM and kept playing it trying to get better than everyone 
joined some clans in the journey some of them are written down and some of them you don't know , played shooter for a while for fun while kept playing DM                                                        2017 i stopped playing MTA because i got bored , but then in 2018 i get back to MTA knowing that it's a game that i love and can't stop playing .                                                                             Sadly, in 2019 i had some troubles in my real life so i had to stop playing the game 

problems have gone but my love of this game have stayed with me 

2021 , i am back in the competition and ready for more .

Former teams and reasons for departure: (Time you were in it, rank and exit reason).

TfB // - Member // Closed

|-nTL-| - Member // Closed

Synergy - Member // Real life struggle , left

Zephyros - Member // Left for private purposes

Why do you want to join us?:

 i'd like to join Talca because everytime i join mta i go to your server it's my most liked server actually and i enjoy playing in it everytime , i like the team environment 

     and i would like to help the clan in the wff/dm side , and create good memories & i have great friends in it . 

How can we contact you: (Discord, Whatsapp).
sancho#9917 (Discord)

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